Is this blog run on submissions?

well yeah

also run by dust and sunshine and lolipops

- mod mercer

…you do know what they did, right?

(On a picture of Romano)

okay so i’ve been thinking about this for a while

i’m going to quit being a mod on hetalia comments

i don’t really pay attention to this blog anymore

i mean i’m glad i created this blog

i made some new friends thanks to this blog

and it’s been fun hosting livestreams

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    but now updating this blog has become a chore

    so i hope you guys understand

    i hope that mod mercer, sam, and ink can treat this blog better than i could

    i’m glad i got to meet all of you


    the era of mod a is over

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    so can you please censor the username for fucks sake

    - Mod Mercer

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  • >doesn’t update blog

    >loses followers

    >updates blog

    >still loses followers

    -Mod A

    *whisper* op I think that this is a troll account

    -Mod A

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